CooperVision to centralise all its logistics in the Alcobendas industrial estate

The world leader in the manufacture of contact lenses has signed a lease agreement with Montepino.

The project will be carried out 'turn-key' style and will cover a surface area of 6300 m2, extendible by a further 2000 m2.


Málaga, Friday 13th December 2017

CooperVision, one of the largest contact lens manufacturers in the world, has signed an agreement with Montepino, a leading logistics provider in Spain, for the future leasing of a logistics warehouse by the American firm. The new building will be located in the industrial estate of the municipality of Alcobendas in the province of Madrid, and the works are predicted to be completed in June 2018.

Cushman & Wakefield, a leading real-estate services firm, has advised CooperVision Iberia on this lease. The project will be carried out 'turn-key' style and will cover a surface area of 6300 m2, with the possibility to extend this by a further 2000 m2 in the future. As explained by the Vice President of Operations at Montepino, Juan José Vera, the building will be notably "modern, emblematic, and above all, very functional – possibly the most modern, cutting-edge installation in Spain."

Montepino hopes that this new asset, which will feature in the portfolio of the newly created joint venture between the company and investment management firm CBRE Global Investors, the objective of which is the development of some 500,000 m2 of prime logistics assets in Spain over the next three years, will be awarded the LEED Gold certification, in addition to the other projects developed by the Aragonese company which have already received this significant and prestigious seal of international recognition.

The associate and national Director of the Industrial and Logistics Department at Cushman & Wakefield, Guillermo García-Almuzara, has stated that this new building will enable CooperVision "to centralise all its logistics in one location," adding that the goal of this operation is to ensure that the multinational company can be "much more operational and continue to lead its sector."

Representing Montepino, Juan José Vera has applauded CooperVision's decision to opt for Alcobendas. "We have seen that the current favourable trend for companies that wish to achieve perfect optimisation of their logistics is to choose the central region of Spain. Therefore, the Alcobendas industrial estate, traditionally linked with the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, is "undoubtedly the main logistical focus in the country, where large national and international companies and operators are present," Vera emphasised.

At Cushman & Wakefield, "we put a lot of trust in areas such as the Alcobendas industrial estate for companies that are seeking a good location close to established business areas. The recent establishment of very similar companies over the last few months, and the decision of CooperVision, makes us predict there will be a resurgence in this whole area," stated García-Almuzara.

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