LEED Gold awarded to the largest cross-docking platform built in Spain during the last decade

This platform was developed in Coslada by Montepino Logística for Nacex LEED-certified

Installations have lower operational costs, much lower CO2 emissions and consume less energy and water than a traditional building


Madrid, Wednesday 30th January 2019

The largest cross-docking platform built in Spain during the last decade, a project developed by Montepino Logística, has been awarded the LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED consists of certifications for sustainable buildings and is awarded by the US Green Building Council to buildings which have been built in accordance with sustainability and high-efficiency criteria for their operations and maintenance.

Thanks to its LEED Certification, this platform, located in Coslada and built for the courier services company Nacex, is being recognised on an international scale for having been created in accordance with quality standards that save a significant percentage of energy and water with respect to a traditional building, not to mention its lower operational costs and much lower CO2 emissions.

Built on a plot of land of over 23,000 m2, the platform features a unit of 12,140 m2 in which activities relating to the classification and distribution of goods are carried out, as well as a two-storey office building of some 1500 m2 where administrative tasks are performed.

The installations feature 114 loading bays: 104 for vans and 10 for lorries. These allow over 120 vehicles to load and unload goods and documentation simultaneously to and from locations in Spain and abroad.

"Our commitment to innovation and the implementation of new processes adapted to client needs, which are socially and environmentally sustainable at the same time, is stronger than ever,", emphasises the Vice President of Operations at Montepino Logística, Juan José Vera. In this sense, he explains that "from the very start of a project, we work within the quality and sustainability parameters which govern LEED-certified projects. This way, we can offer our clients an absolute guarantee that our installations will be constructed in accordance with the highest quality standards."

Montepino now has a total of five LEED Gold certifications

This latest LEED Gold certification, awarded to the company for its cross-docking platform in Coslada, is in addition to the four LEED Gold certifications it has obtained for each of the buildings that compose its Merlin Cabanillas platform, located in Guadalajara. It was also recently awarded a LEED Silver certification for its Montepino Casablanca logistics platform in the municipality of Torrejón de Ardoz.

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