Montepino achieves its goal of developing one million square metres for logistics space

By reaching this milestone, the company has become the largest logistics developer specialising in built-to-suit (BTS) projects in Spain, and one of the ten largest in Europe

This figure has been hit in the middle of the e-commerce boom and at the best possible time for the logistics provider, who are working on their own expansion strategy

Zaragoza, 4th November 2020

Montepino Logística, one of the largest logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, has achieved its goal of providing one million square metres of logistics space in Spain since 2014. It has reached this milestone through its delivery of the final part of the new state-of-the-art Operations Centre created for the company Luís Simões in the Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate in Guadalajara.

This figure, which entails an average of over 150,000 square metres developed for logistics space each year, has turned the company, which has bases in Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona, into the leader of the BTS sector in Spain and one of the largest logistics developers in Europe. This milestone has been hit at the best possible time for Montepino, which is growing rapidly on a national level and is soon to implement its expansion strategy for growth on an international level. The company is seeking to export its demonstrably successful business model, which is client-focused and based on innovation, sustainability and growth in the short, medium and long term.

A growth plan with sights set on Europe

Over the last few years, Montepino has broken records within Spain. It has also managed to double the scope of its business plan in just three years, building a portfolio with a value of nearly €1 billion, which will feature 23 different platforms by the end of 2021. Its assets, which have an average age of under two years, consist of both Big Box or XXL logistics platforms and last-mile platforms, and have been built in strategic, key locations for cutting-edge logistics.

Each asset has been clearly designed to be perfectly adapted to its clients' needs. To Juan José Vera, the Director General of Montepino, "it's clear that our logistics operators are at the centre of the whole process and this is why we structure our whole team around them." This approach has allowed Montepino to establish long-term relationships based on trust with first-class clients. "While the average WAULT to break in the sector is some two or three years, Montepino's portfolio has an average lease term of nine years," Juan José Vera highlighted.

The increased e-commerce activity of the last few months, which has been heightened by the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought to light the need for the logistics market to continue to grow over the coming years and to reinvent itself to offer platforms with more innovative features which allow companies to meet the needs generated by e-commerce.

Against this backdrop, which is also to be found in other European countries, and following their achievement of providing one million square metres of developed logistics space in Spain, Montepino has been working on its plan to expand into the rest of the continent and to double its value again within the next five years.

The Luís Simões Operations Centre: a pioneering e-commerce complex

Montepino has achieved its goal of developing one million square metres for logistics space thanks to the delivery of the final part of the new logistics hub for the company Luís Simões located in the Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate, one of the largest logistics sites on the Peninsula.

This new Operations Centre is a cutting-edge complex for e-commerce, as well as for reworking and co-packing services. It covers a total surface area of 91,575 m2 and represents a joint investment of over €85 million.

This new hub, which required a great deal of technical ability due to the ambitious nature of the project, was tailor-made by Montepino for Luís Simões , and designed to be fully adapted to their needs. It will turn the Portuguese company into one of the most effective and efficient companies in the Spanish logistics market.

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