Montepino and the UPC renew their commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient logistics platforms

Following the success of the first results of their research, both entities are happy to extend their collaboration agreement first entered into two years ago to continue optimising the operation of industrial buildings through the JG Ingenieros – UPC partnership for the Study of Sustainability in Buildings

Barcelona, Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Montepino Logística, one of the largest specialised logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, together with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), also known as BarcelonaTech, have renewed their commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient logistics warehouses through the extension of their collaboration agreement, first entered into a couple of years ago to work towards the optimised operation of industrial buildings.

This renewal is due to the success of the first research projects, which were carried out in the logistics centre built for XPO Logistics by Montepino in Marchamalo (Guadalajara), the results of which have shown that the real behaviour of the logistics platform analysed is much better and more precise than the theoretical behaviour found in the official energy efficiency tables. This can be seen from the analysis and real-time monitoring of a series of environmental parameters established by a specially designed programme.

As a result of this, and to complete the work undertaken, both entities are relaunching the initial project, extending the measurement points installed in the first warehouse and opening up a second study, as well as introducing the main elements that consume energy within the building, while taking the business model into account. The study will thus lead to the improvement of the virtual building model developed under the first agreement: the model used to simulate real behaviour and therefore improve the intelligent management of the warehouses.

For this new agreement, Montepino will again be taking on the economic investment in the monitoring equipment while the UPC, through the JC Ingenieros Group – UPC partnership for the Study of Sustainability in Buildings, shall again provide the research team who will work on this project.

According to Juan José Vera, the Managing Director of Montepino, "as the sector has become much more professional and specialised, sustainability and intelligent management have become essential requirements for buildings and key to maximising the profitability of investments in logistics platforms." He noted that "participating in this project is an investment in technological innovation as an incentive for new logistics processes to adapt to new client needs and to be sustainable, both socially and environmentally."

Francesc Torres, rector of the UPC, gave the following statement regarding the project: "Our university is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. From the very beginning, the UPC has seen the production and use of energy as one of its focal points. In May 2019, the UPC was the first university to declare a State of Climate Emergency during a University Senate meeting. Renewing our commitment to Montepino will enable us to continue adopting measures to make effective changes contributing towards an increasingly effective energy transition."

Francesc Torres, the rector of the UPC, and Juan José Vera, the Vice President of Operations at Montepino, have now signed the extension of the collaboration agreement. This was also attended by the director of the JG Ingenieros – UPC partnership and professor responsible for overseeing the project, Eva Cuerva; the President of JG Ingenieros Consultores, Juan Gallostra; and UPC professor, Eduard Egusquiza.

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