Montepino and the UPC agree to stimulate research into optimising the operation of logistics units and making them more sustainable

This agreement will last for almost two years, and aims to create more efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings

Montepino will make the investment for the monitoring equipment and the JC Ingenieros Group in partnership with the UPC will set their researchers to work on the project


Barcelona, Thursday 13th December 2018

The turn-key project developer, Montepino Logística, and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) have signed a cooperation agreement to launch a project aiming to optimise the operation of logistic units through intelligent management of the same.

The project envisages the analysis and monitoring of the main operation parameters for a logistics unit in terms of its operating conditions. Specifically, fluid-dynamic and energy simulations will be carried out on the interior of the unit based on the external climatological conditions, while sensors installed in strategic locations around the unit will enable real-time monitoring.

The data collected will allow the digital model to be validated and correlate the measured parameters through data analysis, with the final goal of reducing operational costs, improving comfort levels, internal flow and availability, and increasing energy savings in particular.

The agreement, which will be in force for almost two years, establishes that Montepino shall take on the economic investment in the monitoring equipment while the UPC, through the JC Ingenieros Group – UPC partnership for the Study of Sustainability in Buildings, shall provide the researchers who will work on this project.

This study will be carried out in the logistics centre which Montepino is developing in the municipality of Marchamalo (Guadalajara) for XPO Logistics.

The rector of the UPC, Francesc Torres, and the Vice President of Montepino, Juan José Vera, have been responsible for signing this agreement, while the Director of the JG Ingenieros Group – UPC partnership, Eduard Egusquiza; the Director-General of JG Ingenieros Consultores, Juan Gallostra; and the UPC professor responsible for overseeing the project, Eva Cuerva, were also present.

Juan José Vera has explained that "one of Montepino's fundamental values is our constant search for ways to build increasingly sustainable and efficient logistics spaces, with the highest quality standards in both the conceptual design of the building and the materials used." These values have been recognised through the LEED energy certification, which is awarded by the US Green Building Council and which Montepino logistics platforms have achieved on several occasions.

Francesc Torres, rector of the UPC, has confirmed that "the UPC, as a leading engineering university, sees developing the best strategies for energy efficiency as one of its targets. This target features both in teaching and in the sharing of knowledge with the company. Supporting a leading company in its sector such as Montepino definitely represents a great commitment, and especially doing so from within one of its active partnerships (UPC–JG), the best alliance possible."

The information obtained from this research will enable the optimisation of designs and operations for future logistics units. The study will be carried out in four phases, and the first results will be available in nine months.

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