Montepino completes work on the new and cutting-edge
 Luís Simões Logistics Operations Centre in Guadalajara

The project consists of three buildings with a special focus on automated processes, and represents a total joint investment of €85 million

The complex, which is located in the Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate, has been specially designed to meet the demands of e-commerce logistics

Zaragoza, 14th October 2020

Montepino Logística, one of the largest logistics providers and asset managers in Spain, has completed and delivered the new logistics hub, located in the Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate in Guadalajara, to the company a prominent logistics operator and the market leader in transportation services between Spain and Portugal.This innovative project consists of three buildings and represents a new collaboration between these two companies, which have developed 200,000 m2 of logistics hubs together.

The complex covers a total surface area of 91,575 m2 e and is situated in a key strategic location for the logistics sector on the Peninsula. Two of its buildings are designed to be used for traditional logistics and these were delivered to the client in April 2019. The third building, which is set up to be fully automated, was delivered in June 2020. This complex will be used to store and manage goods from well-known multinational companies.

The recently delivered building is a unique space which features state-of-the-art technology and has been designed to be 100% automated. It also provides a self-supporting storage silo. Its quality standards fully meet the needs of the sector, allowing mega trailers to be loaded on the site, and it even features a cutting-edge fire protection system to guarantee the safety of the business and its workers, among other technological innovations.


A pioneering e-commerce complex

This project consists of an operations centre which has been specially adapted to meet the requirements of the mass-consumption products segment. It also features areas which have been specifically designed and created to meet the demands of e-commerce logistics, as well as for reworking and co-packing services. All the buildings designed by the largest provider of "turn-key" logistics in Spain come with the best features of the logistics sector: they provide a lot of clear space to increase storage capacity hile also guaranteeing sustainability. Montepino is thus strengthening its relationships with its clients and consolidating its commitment to the environment.

In fact, the new Luís Simões logistics operations centre in Guadalajara has been awarded the LEED Silver certification by the US Green Building Council, guaranteeing that these buildings use energy sustainably and provide high levels of efficiency and comfort. All this demonstrates that the logistics platform allows its tenants to provide more efficient services with a lower ecological impact, at the forefront of innovation, security and sustainability within the sector.

The complex, which was tailor-made by Montepino for Luís Simões, and designed to be fully adapted to their needs, will turn the Portuguese company into one of the most effective and efficient companies in the Spanish logistics market. Moreover, Juan José Vera, the Director General of Montepino, has stated that the completion of this project is "further strengthening the company's leading position within the logistics industry."

This new hub, which required high levels of technical expertise due to the ambitious nature of the project, was made possible thanks to Montepino's team of professionals, who specialise in architecture, civil engineering and installation engineering. A large part of its success is also due to the trust-based relationship between Montepino and Luís Simões, who have been working together to achieve their goals for over five years.

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