Montepino constructs a new e-commerce storage centre in Guadalajara for DSV Solutions

This project is being developed on a plot of land of over 30,000 m2

Located in Cabanillas del Campo, this centre is being built in accordance with quality criteria established by the LEED energy certification for sustainable buildings. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018


Madrid, Tuesday 30th October 201

The logistics division of the DSV Group, a global transportation and logistics services supplier, has trusted in Montepino Logística to develop its new hub in Cabanillas del Campo. The new installations, which will be completed by the end of the year, are being built on a plot of land of some 31,000 m2.

The logistics complex is to be used for storage and e-commerce services. The two-storey hub is designed to provide lots of storage space as well as the space needed to adapt to logistical requirements for online sales.

The design of the logistics centre will also make an area designed for a showroom and on-site sales available, if required, as well as offices and a large parking area with over a hundred bays. It features wide roads, a large allocation of loading bays, a structure and cladding made of reinforced concrete, green spaces and an energy-efficient design. The space is being designed in accordance with the quality standards established by the LEED energy certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for sustainable buildings).

The building, designed for the storage of tyres, has a rating of 8 for intrinsic risk, R90 for the fire resistance of its structural elements and EI90 for the fire resistance of the constructive elements of its cladding.

Evacuation of the building in case of emergency shall be through exterior pedestrian exits around the perimeter and also through interior pedestrian exits (through protected, ventilated tunnels), equipping this logistics centre with the latest technology in prevention and security measures.

"Our buildings come with the best features of the logistics sector," stated the Vice President of Montepino Logística, Juan José Vera. This is because "we think about what our clients need as we work, meeting very competitive deadlines and committing to creating sustainable buildings."

This new logistics space is located in the SI-20 Industrial Park in the Corredor de Henares region. This region is an area of strategic focus for logistics in Spain, as it is near the A-2 and R-2 motorways, railway lines, the Torrejón and Barajas airports and also hosts the largest national and international companies.

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