Montepino delivers the new Zaragoza-based Technology Centre to AITIIP

The project, which is located in the Empresarium Industrial Estate (in La Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza), adds a further 3600 m2 to the AITIIP installations developed by Montepino in 2012. These now cover a total built-up area of over 9500 m2.

The Centre consists of three areas for carrying out technological activity, a separate office building, a parking area and green spaces. It has been built within the efficiency parameters established by the LEED energy certification.

Zaragoza, 2nd February 2021

Montepino Logística, one of the largest logistics developers and asset managers in Spain, has delivered its new industrial platform forming part of the Aragón-based Technology Centre to AITIIP. This Centre is situated on a plot of land covering 11,900 m2 of the Empresarium Industrial Estate located in La Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza, and adds a further 3600 m2 to the AITIIP complex in this location; installations that were also developed by Montepino and which were inaugurated in 2012.

The new installations, which AITIIP will put into operation during the first half of 2021, consist of an industrial unit divided into three spaces for the development of products in clean working environments and advanced, robotised and digital processing and post-processing technologies, including surface treatments and joining technologies.

Montepino has also built an annex building for offices, meeting rooms and multi- purpose areas for technology transfer-related activities, technology events and training sessions with space for 100 people. The complex also features a wide area for parking and a green space.

Like all Montepino projects, the installations have been built in accordance with the highest quality and sustainability standards, thus reducing its environmental impact, and within the efficiency parameters established by the LEED energy certification awarded by the US Green Building Council.

The delivery of this unit, which represents an investment of over €3 million, completes Montepino's work on the AITIIP Technology Centre installations, which cover a built-up area of over 9500 m2.

This technological space features offices and laboratories for research, development and innovation, and will be used for the manufacturing of bespoke materials, 3D printing, the development of polytechnic moulds and tools, precision metrology, control and plastic-transformation processes, as well as other ancillary industrialisation procedures. It has become a national and European benchmark for driving competition and technological development in all areas of the industrial sector.

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