Montepino and Nacex place the foundation stone for the largest cross-docking platform built in Spain during the last decade


Coslada, Wednesday 12th July 2017

Montepino has begun work on what is to be the largest cross-docking platform built in Spain during the last decade, located in the municipality of Coslada in the province of Madrid. This project, provided by Montepino, will consist of an advanced, cutting-edge logistics platform with a surface area of over 23,000 m2, which will host the company Nacex.

The act of placing the foundation stone was attended by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Community Housing in Madrid, Pedro Rollán; the Mayor of Coslada, Ángel Viveros; the President and Vice President of Montepino, Juan Vera and Juan José Vera; and the Director-General of Nacex, Pedro Fuillerat, among others.

The location which is to host the future cross-docking platform is currently in the fitting-out phase, Juan José Vera has stated. He explained that with regard to timeframes, the platform should be delivered to Nacex by the second quarter of 2018, and at this point the installation of all the highly technological internal machinery suited to a cross-docking platform as planned by the courier company shall begin. It should be fully operational by the end of 2018.

The warehouses and offices alone for this company, which specialises in express courier services and is a leader in this sector in Spain, Andorra and Portugal as explained by Pedro Fuillerat, will cover a built-up surface area of nearly 11,400 m2. It will also feature 104 loading bays for vans and light vehicles and a further 10 for trailers.

Through this new platform, Nacex is seeking to "strengthen its strategy of continuous improvement for the company, as well as its leading position in service quality, after experiencing another year of growth in 2016," Fuillerat stated.

This project is being undertaken with the support of the Logista Group, and is "another example of the financial stability that allows Nacex and the Group to remain leaders in providing state-of-the-art services through the most modern information systems and installations, in accordance with their firm commitment to profitable growth based on high quality and their clients," Fuillerat emphasised.


The directors of this courier company and the providers responsible for the cross-docking platform, the Aragonese company Montepino, have been united through all their actions in the need to "firmly" commit to the logistics sector, which "is currently booming in Spain," Juan Vera confirms.

This is demonstrated by the recent successful logistics complexes Montepino has created in nearby municipalities, such as in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) and Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara), as well as by the 2000 staff members who work with Nacex across its network of 31 platforms, with a fleet of 1400 vehicles and over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Over the last three years, Montepino has managed to strengthen its position as "the largest developer of logistics spaces in Spain and the largest logistics company in the country," Vera emphasised. "Of the total 400,000 m2 placed on the market over the last 12 months, 163,000 m2 of those correspond to projects developed by our company, representing a market share of over 40%," he noted.

The municipality of Coslada in the province of Madrid is the "most sought-after" location by large courier companies, which value "its central position for distribution across the country, as well as its proximity to the city of Madrid." They also value its "numerous access routes and links to the rest of the country, including the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, which is only eight kilometres away," explained the Mayor of Coslada, Ángel Viveros.

He added that as the Mayor and a citizen of Coslada, he feels "proud" of the implementation of the new and "spectacular" platform, which "in addition to being in a privileged location for logistics and transportation, is also sure to generate wealth, confidence and jobs for the local population."

Minister Rollán, who has described the proceedings as "extraordinary and very special," has emphasised that the logistics sector is "becoming increasingly specialised, consolidated and strong, not just in Spain, but across the whole of Europe."

Representatives from Montepino and Nacex have explained that the construction of the platform will be entirely in accordance with "the highest quality standards," in both the conceptual design of the building and in the materials used. This will all contribute towards achieving the LEED energy certification awarded by the US Green Building Council, which should be achieved "with little difficulty," explained representatives from Montepino, a leading company in 'turn-key' solutions, whose track record already features two LEED Gold and one LEED Silver certification and who are pioneers in Spain in achieving this kind of certification for the large logistics platforms they provide in the country.

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