Montepino is awarded a third LEED Gold certification for its latest logistics macro-platform

The SI-20 platform, located in Guadalajara and occupied by some of the largest global transportation and logistics service providers, is the only platform in Spain to have been awarded these three impressive energy awards


Madrid, Monday 7th August 2017

This macro-platform, covering over 240,000 m2 and provided by Montepino in the municipality of Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara), has been awarded its third LEED Gold certification, making it the only platform in Spain to have this type and this significant number of energy certifications.

The LEED certification (which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a system for certifying sustainable buildings, launched and developed by the US Green Building Council. This certification, awarded voluntarily, is aimed at advancing the use of strategies which enable global improvements in the environmental impact of the construction industry. It analyses the design, construction and operation phases of projects and awards a score based on compliance with its established criteria.

Montepino has been recognised again for its commitment to developing and promoting buildings constructed in accordance with the highest quality standards. This is demonstrated by its recent achievement of this third LEED Gold certification, which have been awarded to three of the four buildings that make up the Montepino SI-20 platform, now known as the Merlin Cabanillas platform following its acquisition by the REIT Merlin Properties.

The first LEED Gold was awarded to the building covering over 38,000 m2, which is now occupied by the company Logista. The second was for the building of close to 49,000 m2 which hosts the company Luís Simões' operational centre in Spain. Finally, this latest award was for another building occupied by Luís Simões, which covers a plot of land of almost 32,000 m2. The fourth building, which is occupied by XPO, is currently in the middle of the certification process to obtain another LEED Gold.

As the Vice President of Operations at Montepino, Juan José Vera, has stated, Montepino has made a commitment to "sustainable and energy-efficient construction. Our LEED Gold certifications guarantee to our clients that our buildings have been developed in accordance with the highest quality standards and through the use of efficient technology." He also noted that the three awards "also come with an economic return for the users of the platforms, as the result is a lower energy consumption and an improvement in the quality of the working environment for all workers."


In addition to the three LEED Gold certifications Montepino has been awarded for Cabanillas del Campo, it has also received a LEED Silver for another of its large projects: the Montepino Casablanca logistics platform, developed in Torrejón de Ardoz, a municipality in the province of Madrid.

This platform is located close to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport and faces the A-2 motorway, one of the most important channels for the distribution of goods in the country. Its area of over 45,000 m2 therefore serves as a model of sustainability within the industrial sector.

This platform and the SI-20 are now the two logistics platforms with the highest sustainability and energy efficiency certifications in Guadalajara and Madrid. These were awarded based on aspects such as the innovative designs, efficient use of energy and water, use of certified materials and the quality of the internal environment of the Montepino Casablanca platform.

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