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Valfondo Gestión (the company which manages Montepino Logística) is a family company, founded in 2002. From the very beginning, it has focused on logistics development. Our development activities have always been guided by three main values:

Customer service

Customer service, which allows us to build loyal relationships with some of the best international logistics operators.


The pursuit of excellence in project delivery, always meeting tight deadline commitments while producing state-of-the-art results.


Expertise to create visionary logistics projects, fully adapted to our clients' needs (for space, comfort, digitalisation, automation or robotisation), providing the most modern technical solutions thanks to our in-house team.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all our activities. We implement sustainable construction solutions that favor the use of renewable energy sources, the promotion of energy and water efficiency, the inclusion of sustainable materials and the conservation of natural resources. These solutions also provide support for community participation and promote a healthy and inclusive human environment.

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Our focus on our tenants has enabled the company to learn the needs of logistics operators, pairing their needs with our investment interests and differentiating ourselves from other logistics agents. This client-focused strategy has allowed the company to develop a loyal relationship with some of the best logistics operators. This relationship with key tenants has been fundamental to the development of our current portfolio, which has demonstrated great resilience to the economic crisis.

The second main focus of Valfondo's management was the capacity to adapt, be flexible and oppose traditional property management rules. This has allowed us to predict trends in logistics in recent years and stay one step ahead of the market with our technical solutions. However, none of this would have meant anything without our constant pursuit of EXCELLENCE at every stage of project management, from the team to the building designs, marketing and management.


  • 2023
    Montepino opens its listing on Euronext Paris Access and improves its GRESB rating to five stars for another year.
    57 Employees
    1.092.819 m2 BTS
    1.305.579 m2 Developed
  • 2022
    While Montepino boasts a portfolio of 42 assets, 21 operational, 9 under construction and 12 plots, in total moe than 1.800.000m2 of GLA
    53 Employees
    1.043.904 m2 BTS
    1.250.000 m2 Developed
  • 2021
    While Montepino boasts a portfolio of over 1million m² of operational assets, it also has enough land for the development of more than 500,000m² in the coming years
    47 Employees
    650.000 m2 BTS
    1.110.000 m2 Developed
  • 2020
    Montepino owns land covering over 400,000 m2 in logistics complexes to be completed over the next two years. At present, 28% of this has been pre-leased by different tenants
    30 Employees
    555.000 m2 BTS
    950.000 m2 Developed
  • 2019
    Montepino becomes the most important logistics operator in Spain, delivering over 400,000 m2 in industrial warehouses over the last two years
    22 Employees
    555.000 m2 BTS
    450.000 m2 Developed
  • 2018
    The investment commitment achieved in just two and a half years has now been expanded to cover the same quantity again for 2019/2020. Montepino retains 30% of all logistics contracts in the Madrid area
    18 Employees
    225.000 m2 BTS
    330.000 m2 Developed
  • 2017
    JVCO and institutional investors (CBRE GI) come together for the development strategy with a capital commitment of €150 million and the acquisition of the Marchamalo project
    10 Employees
    70.000 m2 BTS
    330.000 m2 Developed